The Platform 8 Sportsbook

Use our fully functional turnkey solutions to get you up and running fast. Quickly build innovative gaming capabilities into your website or in standalone applications. Decrease development time and costs, and accelerate time to profitability.

Our state-of-the-art Sportsbook solution, Platform 8 (P8), provides a comprehensive ecosystem of applications and websites that allow operators to manage their end-to-end sportsbook and gaming operations.

Turnkey Solutions

The P8 Turnkey Solution allows licensed operators to benefit from our full product suite, including:

  • Asian, African, Korean or European style websites, with CMS for banners and content.
  • End-to-end sports packages, with over 400,000 events offered each year.
  • Managed trading services, including bet acceptance, limits, and player profiling.
  • Powerful set of tools for managing players.
  • Advanced reporting system.
  • Casino integrations.
  • 24/7 technical support.

Web API Solution

For operators wishing to build their own player websites, the P8 API offers the best path for a quick implementation. The P8 API provides:

  • Player registration and login
  • Raw data and odds for all sports
  • Widget specific APIs (sports tree, Asian/European/Korean/African coupon views, event details, live dashboards…)
  • Bet Capture and player history
  • Casino modules
  • High security and player protection

Product Overview

A culmination of over 15 years of continuous development. Used by major operators in a variety of configurations based on their unique business needs.

Offer Creation & Resulting

Risk Management

Customer Care

Live Betting

Website & Mobile

Retail Solutions

Asian Agent System



Advanced Technology

BETICA have always been at the forefront of technology and pride ourselves on having the best technology stack in the industry.

This allows the Platform 8 to be fully scalable from the smallest operators right up to the largest Sportsbook operators in the world.

Key technology and security features include:

  • State-of-the-art cache systems stores all current betting information in memory and therefore allows a huge throughput of betting and other activity. This technology allows the Platform 8 to be capable of capturing and settling over 10,000 bets per minute.
  • Fully scalable load balanced system. An array of monitoring tools are provided so that it is clear to the operator that extra hardware may be required long before any potential bottlenecks occur.
  • Back office system written entirely using Java code and open source Java plug-ins. This ensures BETICA have all the source code for the product, and that everything shares exactly the same technology, leading to an extremely robust environment.
  • Database independent system. The application has been engineered so that different databases could be used from the same code base.
  • Front office system (website and mobile applications) written entirely using HTML5/CSS/JS (ReactJS and React Native). Our technology choice ensures compatibility with all desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.
  • Full audit trail of all customer and operator activities.
  • Sealed transactions of all betting activities verified to various industry standard legal requirements.

Key Features

Backoffice Trading System
GeneralSupport of all major sports and betting opportunities (including UK and Irish Horse Racing).
Full support of all major UK bet types, European bet types and American bet types.
All major odds types supported (UK, European, US, Chinese, etc).
Multi Currency, Multi Lingual.
Modern GUI based on latest design standards.
Full support of internet, mobile, shop, and telephone betting channels.
System can act as main wallet are as a "plug-in" sportsbook to an existing wallet system.
Multiple player balances for deposited funds, winnings, promo cash and promo points.
Fully configurable system behaviour, with single codebase used by all clients.
Bet capture 24 hours per day with no downtime required.
Third party casino, live casino, bingo, games integrated and ready to use.
Offer CreationTemplate based market creation and behaviour rules.
Integration with all major sports feeds (Betradar, SIS, TXOdds, etc).
Bet restrictions: Fully configurable control of market combinations down to event level.
PricingFully flexible price deriving with powerful import of Excel spreadsheet formulae.
Multi line pricing with configurable automated uplifts and adjustments.
Dynamic spread and handicap markets.
Buy points handicap functionality (ability for client to select their own chosen handicap value).
Risk ManagementOption for manual trading or fully automated trading.
Real Time Risk Management across all betting channels (phone, internet, retail etc).
Dual tier event liability checks.
Multiple liability views including liability, run up, payout and most popular accumulator views.
Trader confirmation of exceeded bet limits (accept or reject of bet in pop-up).
Easy to use colour coded market views and enhanced filtering logic.
Customer categorisation and live activity tracking.
Configurable risk views where each trader can define their own view.
Fully bespoke matrices of customer wager limits down to sport, country, league or event level.
Double calculation line for Pooled Games.
Live BettingFull support of live betting across all sports and markets.
Bespoke live scoring within all major sports (system aware of specific sport rules).
Bet Capture (both pre-match and live) Partial settlement of markets before all outcomes resulted.
Configurable bet checks (hurdles) across each channel and defined sub-channel.
SecurityFull audit of all database transactions.
Sealed transactions for customer activities.
Player ManagementFull transaction list, summary views and complete audit view of all customer updates, player protection, limits, customer chat module.
Advanced Bonus and promotion suite with full campaign management system (Campaign Studio).
Platform 8 Sportsbook
Volumes and ThroughputBet capture of thousands of bets per second, settlement of ten thousands+ bets per second.
ArchitectureHardware architecture allowing multi redundancy without any single point of failure.
TechnologyCutting edge technology stack using latest development languages.
Industry standard proven Oracle or Postgres database.
ConnectivityREST API's available for all major update processes (allows for clients to build their own bespoke applications which can place bets in the system). Full tracking of all REST calls via monitoring system.
LogAdvanced logging with enabling full audit per shop or per customer.
Frontend Website for Desktop, Mobile and Tablets
GeneralMulti-website driven from single CMS.
White labelling options from same CMS and backend system.
Different price lines for different websites from same backend trading system.
Built from library of interchangeable components but still with 100% unique look and feel.
Full support of desktop, mobile and tablets views - Application wrapping.
HardwareFully scalable architecture.
Multiple redundancy without a single point of failure.
SecurityAll business logic contained in secure backend.
TechnicalCutting edge development environment.
Each website built from extensive component library to minimise development time.
Retail Solutions
Shop Management
HardwareAny low specification PC suitable. Connect a range of thermal and non thermal printers, plus optional coupon reader and barcode scanners.
SoftwareWhole range of pre-match and live betting opportunities supported. Cash in/out reporting, full shop reporting module, player price sheet printing, till transfers and end of shift cash up supported.

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